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Views,  Likes, Subscribers

Followers, Likes

Followers, Likes, Retweets

Steps For Success

Upload Page URL

One of the most important Heck!! Most Important

Make sure you upload the Page, Post, Image, or Video URL!!

You can only enter 1 Page URL at a time (Very Important)

Make sure your Pages & Links are set to public view.

“Private accounts block users from seeing page/post.”


The best way to get an answer is with a question.


How long does it take to start receiving followers?

The vast majority of orders are processed within minutes after placing an order. Most of the time, you’ll start seeing results within the first few hours of payment being confirmed.

Are the followers active?

Absolutely! All followers from D1 Web Solutions are 100% active just like yourself! Unlike our competitors, we NEVER use inactive bots to provide followers. Followers from our networks are active – meaning they engage, tweet, view and more plus they interact consistently and actively use the network.

Can someone find out if I Buy Social Media Fans?

You may have heard of websites that can reveal if you buy social media fans. This is calculated by the amount of inactive or fake followers an account has. Never worry about these “tests” when you buy followers from D1 Web Solutions, because all followers are fully active and therefore pass any of these tests.

Will my Social Media Fans drop-back?

Social Media Fans purchased from D1 Web Solutions will not disappear as they may with our competition. Beware of competitors’ services that could leave you with massive drops in followers. D1 Web Solutions is the only company with Social Media Fans Protection – system to instantly and automatically replace any followers that are lost from our network. This ensures any drop goes unnoticed and followers are restored if you do happen to lose followers for any reason.

What happens if I lose some Social Media Fans?

With Social Media Fans Protection™, all Fans are guaranteed for 365 days. If you lose fans, we will replenish them for free. We cannot guarantee that people are not going to deactivate their accounts or they are constantly going to be on them. NO COMPANY can guarantee that but we do honor our  Social Media Fans Protection™  when you Buy Social Media Fans from D1 Web Solutions.

Is my password needed?

Your password is never required. If you choose the Business-Targeted package, then you are required to authorize our application with your account, but no login is necessary. This is only needed to perform following tasks; nothing will ever be Tweeted or Posted from your account.

Is it a one-time or monthly fee?

The Professional and Business packages are both a ONE-TIME or ONE-OFF purchase. There are no recurring charges.

Naturally, since the Enterprise package is delivered on a daily basis, this package is billed every month. Nonetheless, you are free to cancel at any time.

What about my privacy?

We never share your information or publish it any way. Your information is kept only on secure servers and is never viewed by anyone other than our marketing team. After your order is completed, all information is immediately deleted. Rest assured, D1 Web Solutions strives to provide world-class security and privacy features.

Is my account safe? 

D1 Web Solutions takes every precaution and safeguard to protect clients’ accounts. Years of perfecting methods has enabled D1 Web Solutions to guarantee that your account remains safe.

Instantly boost your reputation in minutes Buy Social Media Fans.

How long does it take?
Most Professional (Fast) Followers are processed within minutes. 96% of orders for less than 5,000 followers are completed within 24 hours or less.
What’s different about “100% Real & Active” Followers?
1 method used at D1 Web Solutions is Business Blogging we have built up a relationship with many successful blogging companies that put your link on blogs of people with the similar interest & encourage them to like your page & give feedback or comments (We do not allow negative comments to show) Nor will they even leave some the blogging companies offer incentives to the users for their support & opinions & comments.
This service also provides verified active users using a social exchange network. Users are offered an incentive in the network in order to follow your profile. These users will engage and are actively browsing posts on their timelines. 
Numbers don’t lie
Jump start your social influence. Every company knows the most difficult task of growing your business is building brand awareness. It seems like an impossible hill to climb, but it’s vital to the success of your business and for staying ahead of competition. D1 Web Solutions has proven to be the fastest and most effective way to grow your profile safely
Once you’ve built a solid social media standing, you’ll be more effective in everything you do. Become more trustworthy and efficient with future marketing campaigns, have customers come to you, and gain organic growth by appearing more popular.
Can I get targeted followers?
Of course! Just choose the Business (Targeted) Package to build your targeted campaign.
So what are you waiting for? 
Buy Social Media Fans from D1 Web Soultions Now!

Buy Social Media Fans from D1 Web Solutions

When you buy social media fans from D1 Web Solutions can you expect real fans, followers, likes, views, subscribers, retweets & more because D1 Web Solutions has built up a highly sophisticated blogging system that puts your links to you social media pages in front of real people who are searching for what you are offering or your page is about.

 When you buy social media fans from D1 Web Solutions you buy real social media fans. 

We use verified accounts from verified users we are not a robot automated system like so many other companies are that offer the similar services that is what separates D1 Web Solutions from the others.

Are you looking to Buy Social Media Fans? we offer Social Media Fans for the following Social Media Pages







Unless you have been living under a rock for last 5 to 10 years then you have certainly heard the term Social Media.

Evreybody has a Social Media Page now of days & if your a business or artist/entertainer then having an updated Social Media Page with fans/followers or YouTube Views is a must if you want to be successful in today’s market.

D1 Web Solutions has an innovative approach unlike any other company to get you real U.S.A. followers & fans our marketing strategies are safe & legal we do NOT SPAM the internet throwing up red flags that could harm your page or put you in the risk for deactivation.

D1 Web Solutions never ask for your account information or passwords we have an elite clientele form all over the world that include musicians, artist, actors & fortune 500 comapnies we would never risk there private information or yours. We treat every client the same no matter how big or small when your buy social media fans from D1 Web Solutions you can feel 100% safe & confident in your own personal safety & in the quality of company that you doing your business with.

When you buy social media fans from D1 Web Solutions you are going to find it to be fun, easy, affordable & honestly addicting.

Some people say ahhh when you buy social media fans you are not getting real people or maybe you don’t want to feel like your buying a fake page. No worry when you buy social media fans from D1 Web Solutions as stated before we use a massive blogging system to get you real social media fans to your pages rather you want likes, tweets, views. comments or plays & most importantly you are getting REAL FANS from the various pages that we drop your link onto.

There is nothing wrong with jump-starting your business or a personal campaign we understand that running a business rather online or in a building is a hands on day to day operation that requires your full attention. This is were many business owners fail and say ahhh i’m going to get foot traffic so I dont need a huge social media following. This is a huge mistake let me tell you why when you get your customers into your door it does not matter what you are selling you wan them to come back there is more than one way to do so.

Get an Email Adress then put it in your Email List & set up an Email Campaign D1 Web Solutions can help you with that. Here is another that is even easier. Give them a card rather it is a business card or a postcard/flyer with your special/events whatever you have going on most importantly have al your Social Media pages (URL) on them.

That way they can get to you online then you or you can hire D1 Web Solutions to make your (Custom Tailored) post for you to keep your fans or customers up to date with whatever specials you may have going on.

Okay Business Owners Fans are Customers.! Okay Entertainers Customers are Fans!

They both bring you money that is why you need them when you Buy Social Media Fans from D1 Web Solutions we can take your business or brand to the next level if you are not happy we put our money were our mouth is & make it right or your money back!

Buy Social Media Fans from D1 Web Solutions the most trusted Internet Marketing Company on the Web.